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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am

I'm friendly and I don't bite.

Add me as a friend, whatever. :))

The more the merrier~

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So, let's be good friends~!

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Title: A Collection of Random Drabbles and Almost-Oneshots; Yamajima
Author: onesidedsarcasm (me! :D)
Genre: Romance; Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied things; rushed writing; maybe some dragging parts
Disclaimer: If I owned Yamajima, then I wouldn't be writing about them, would I? I would so totally make them rape each other already xDDDDD *gets shot* I DON'T OWN THEM ;n;
Summary: From bubblegum to sleepless nights to chemistry and so on... Yamajima forever pwns. *for better explanation of this, please see title*
A/N: Greetings from the most fail updater of the world! \(^O^)/ *gets mobbed* OMG TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE YAMAJIMA DEPRIVED RIGHT NAO. I feel so deprived of it... I need a Yamajima overdose. It feels weird being Yamajima-sober; in fact, I hate it. Anyway, I present to you my (not really so random for it was all planned) random collection and almost-oneshots of Yamajima! Despite the silent hiatus and the unwillingness to read anything draggy at the moment (we're all wishing for some hard shit, or long shit), comments and creative criticism is ♥

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29 March 2009 @ 02:58 am
Title:A Kiss Is Meant To Be Shared
Genre: Fluff; romamce
Summary: Yuto promises Yamada a kiss and Yamada has no idea what's in store for him.
Disclaimer: I don't own them ;n; I WANT TOO, THOUGH
Notes: I'm so sorry. I just had to write this. I'm supposed to be writing a multi-chaptered fic. now, but... Hehe ♥

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Later ♥
Comments, creative criticism and invisible reading stalkers is ♥

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Title: 5 times Yamada was Jealous of Arijima +1 time Yuto gave him a reason not to be
Pairing: Yamajima ♥
Genre: Romance~
Summary: -see title- :D
Disclaimer: I...don't own them? :((
Notes: Written for the Yamajima-thon. I brainstormed this one out a long time ago and never got around to actually writing it. It's my fail attempt and my first at writing in the 5 TIMES SERIES category. I also think that the relationship here between Yuto and Yamada is pretty unclear; like, you don't know if there's something or nothing going on or whatever. I still want to improve my wrtiting. Gosh, even after writing this I want to write a multi-chaptered story of YAMAJIMA (well, what else will I write about~?). I fail in life! XDDDD Well, whatever. Please pardon any grammatical errors and such; I'm writing very early in the morning (1 AM). ♥ to those who have been reading my stories up until now!


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Comments, creative criticism and friending is ♥!

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24 March 2009 @ 01:29 am

Title: Number One Shipper
Pairing: Yamajima
Rating: R-15
Warning: Implied stuff; attempted semi-smut newbieness
Genre: Romance; fluff; attempted semi-smut
Summary: Yuto continued to be an idol and Yamada’s best friend during daylight and became the number one yamajima shipper during night time.
Disclaimer: I own them once someone proves to me that Johnny is actually a girl in disguise; if not proven: they obviously don’t belong to me.
Notes: Ever wonder why there’s a lack of yamajima stories? Well, this one ought to explain why (in my case of course). Well, the story kind of was inspired by the story “Be Careful of What You Write…It Might Just Come True by aeri_s but the idea of the story is mine and it was simply inspired by her awesome writing. This is my first attempt at semi-smut. I actually wanted to write smut, but decided I’d take things slower… so I can at least get feedback from you guys if I’m on the right track. Well, maybe not semi-smut… a little less than that? I fail in life! At the beginning, I had a hard time properly writing it out. But it turned out okay, I think. I hope you guys’ll like it and have fun reading, because I had an awesome time writing!

As usual, comments and creative criticism is !


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21 March 2009 @ 12:54 pm
Title: Yuto's Urges
Pairing: Yamajima, Yamajima and Yamajima! The only OTP ever!
Rating: PG-13, with some implied stuff
Genre: Romance; Fluff; Some angst...?
Summary: It's another normal Friday night in Yuto's house, normal that is, until Yuto's urges start kicking up.
Disclaimer: I don't own them :((
Notes: I had fun writing this. I wrote this before, but I was so frustrated at how my plot was supposed to go this way bu ended up going that way, so I left it to rot in my computer. Later on, I found it and re-read it; I was so amused at myself; tweaked it a bit and voila! In the end, I find that the reason I didn't like the story is because I was in a crappy mood. Now I'm very proud of this one-shot. I hope you guys like it, because I had so much fun torturing Yuto writing this!

Comments and creative criticism is ♥!


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I guess this is more like a drabble-oneshot...?


20 March 2009 @ 12:58 am
Title: So Close
Pairing: Yamajima
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Not a clear plot; first time posting fic; newbie-ness!
Genre: Romance; Fluff; Some angst...?
Summary: Yuto and Yamada dance to "So Close"
Disclaimer: I so own them They don't belong to me. ;_;
Notes: Songfic to the song "So Close" by Jon McLaughlin 'cuse I suddenly had the urge to write a songfic. after listening to this song (after not having listened to English songs).
Okay, so I got a few stories (one shots) of Yamajima stored in my computer and I haven't had the guts to post 'em (and I'm still not sure how) until now~
I'm not exactly the most brilliant writer but I aspire to get better and better as I continue writing.


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